Cyprus Port and Marine Police Unit

M ission of the Port & Marine Police is the surveillance of the coastline and the territorial waters of Cyprus, with the aim of preventing and combating crime (especially drug trafficking, illegal immigration, smuggling and terrorism). It also aims to rescue persons, providing help and assistance to persons whose lives are in danger at sea. The main duties of the Port & Marine Police are the following: l Coastal patrol of the Republic of Cyprus. Inspections at ports, bays and anchorages, in cooperation with other competent authorities of the Republic, for preventing and combating any illegal activities. l Surveillance of sea traffic in the territorial waters and the contiguous zone with the use of the Automated Coastal Surveillance System (ACSS). l Inspection and investigation of any ship reasona- bly believed that its crew was involved in any illegal activities. According Cyprus and international law surge vessels can be stopped whenever considered necessary. l Providing all necessary information to the Search and Rescue Coordination Center concerning any incident at sea. l Cooperation with the Search and Rescue Coordination Center to which the necessary vessels and the personnel of the Port and Marine Police are made available in order to coordinate any search and rescue mission. l Transporting or escorting V.I.P’s after approval of the commander of the Port and Marine Police. l Undertaking initial actions required for any offense committed in the territory of the Republic (territorial waters) until the investigation is taken over by the local police administration. l Carrying out administrative and physical checks to vessels, crews and passengers at ports and marinas. l Guarding passenger ships and inspections for crew and passengers during embarkation and disembarkation. l Patrolling swimming areas during summer season. l Policing of the ports. l Performing special operations and other police duties at sea. l Any other police duties that are assigned by the Chief of Police. Due to increased responsibilities and duties during summer season the Port and Marine Police is working in a methodic and organized way with intensive efforts in order to carry out its mission with success. Furthermore, guidelines are provided to the citizens for a safer summer at the coasts and seas. Cyprus Port & Marine Police Unit