Rights of persons recognized as victims of trafficking and exploitation

RIGHTS OF PERSONS REGOGNIZED AS VICTIMS OF TRAFFICKING AND EXPLOITATION Your rights, as a recognized victimof trafficking and exploitation are set in articles 47 and 57 of the Law No. 60(I) of 2014 on the Prevention and Combating of Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons and the Protection of Victims and are the following: • Information on the name, address and telephones of state authorities and non-governmental organizations from which you can seek help. • Referral ton Non-Governmental Organizations that can help you with matters such as finding housing. • Accommodation in the State Shelter (provided you are a woman victim of sexual exploitation), for up to 4 weeks. There you will be provided with the necessary safety and tranquility until you decide what your next steps will be, regarding accommodation, employment and other matters, during your stay in Cyprus. • Free medical treatment in the public hospitals. • Free psychological support by the Mental Health Services of the Ministry of Health. • Financial Aid by the Welfare Benefits Administration Service provided you are not staying in the State Shelter for victims of trafficking and you do not have sufficient resources. • Access to an employment position through the Public Employment Service. There, an Employment Consultant shall guide you to a proper employment or will refer you to vocational training and education provided by the Human Resource Development Authority, in order to improve you professional skills. • Information on the compensation procedure and the application for free legal assistance procedure, if you do not have sufficient resources, for your legal representation. • Information on the application for international protection procedure, if you are in danger in your country due to your racial, religious, political views or due to your quality as a member of a specific social group. • Each Service must respect you personal data and circumstances without proceeding to any publication of them. • In the event you are a minor, under 18 years old, you have additional rights of protection and care for which the Social Welfare Services are responsible for. The Social Services Officer (Social Welfare Services) is responsible to inform you on your abovementioned rights, in a language that you understand. If needed, interpretation will be provided. Furthermore, the Social Services Officer may accompany you during your first contact with the aforementioned competent services or will provide for your accompaniment. Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance Social Welfare Services