Cyprus - Slovakia: 30 years of diplomatic relations

7 The 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Cyprus on 1st January 1993 is not just a celebration of three decades of fruitful cooperation between both countries in various fields, but also of close friendship and respect for each other we have cultivated over the years. A solid bond between two like-minded allies has developed and our relations have grown into a concrete partnership built on the fundaments of the EU and Eurozone membership, mutual solidarity and sharing of common values. Slovakia and Cyprus have achieved a lot together and certainly, there is a lot to be proud of. On political level, our ties have been cemented by high-level dialogue, which culminated in the visit of the Slovak President, H.E. Zuzana Čaputová to Cyprus in December 2022. We have an excellent cooperation in many areas, however our biggest potential lies in innovations and modern technologies. Prestigious conference ReflectFest in Limassol, attended on yearly basis by thousands of startupists, innovators and investors, including hundreds of Slovaks, is the genuine project of two fellow graduates (Slovak and Cypriot one) from Oxford and at the same time the flagship of our economic and innovation diplomacy on the island. Slovakia and Cyprus clearly subscribed to principles of a world order based on respect for rules and obligations under international law. The respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of states is, in today’s geopolitical and geoeconomical context of a particular importance to small states and peoples, such as Slovaks and Cypriots. Both countries have been actively promoting these principles in the world for decades and this commitment finds a very concrete, tangible and unique translation also in Cyprus. Above mentioned is anchored in almost 35 years’ worth of Slovak good offices offered for the Cyprus issue. The facilitation of the bi-communal dialogue of representatives of Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot political parties represents a really exceptional factor in the relationship of two EU Member States. More than two decades long presence of a now truly robust Slovak contingent in UNFICYP with full responsibility for the sensitive Sector 4 of the buffer zone is in turn a manifestation of our contribution to security and stability on the island. The goal of such an involvement is obvious – to help bring about a solution to the Cyprus problem in line with the UN Security Council resolutions, principles of international law and EU values that is sustainable, just, and in favour of all Cypriots. The beautiful island of Cyprus, is not only one of the most favorite holiday destination of Slovak tourists, but at the same time place of work and home to many more Slovaks, including a significant group of mixed Slovak-Cypriot marriages well integrated into the local society. All these individuals and families contribute to the socio-economic development of the island, but also to the enhancement of people-to-people contacts, thus mutual understanding and friendship of both nations. This unique publication and panel exhibition represent a captivating celebration of past three decades of friendly bilateral ties between Slovakia a Cyprus in various fields. In the upcoming period let us work through common endeavours on their further development to the benefit of cooperation, peace, stability and prosperity of the great people of both countries. H.E. Martin Bezák Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Republic of Cyprus