Answers to frequently asked questions on measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic

It is underlined that in areas where people are present in order to work out, no socialization is allowed among persons who do not reside in the same residence. It is noted that with regard to the right to perform physical exercise on the beach, persons are allowed to go to the beaches of the District where they permanently reside (primary residence). Excluded from this are persons who reside in a District without access to the beach, namely the District of Lefkosia, who are allowed to travel to beaches in other Districts in order to work out, within the reasonable time frame of three hours. It is understood that those persons wishing to leave their house in order to work out, are allowed to do so, provided that they send an SMS message to 8998 while selecting the option number 6 and comply with the maximum time frame allowed (3 hours). For instance, if a person leaves the house at 8am to go cycling, he/she must send an SMS message at that moment, and he/she must return to the house by 11am at the latest. It is understood that the cyclist/person who moves for exercise purposes, has the option to resend an SMS message with the option number 6, once the three hours are up, and extend his/her exercise time for another three hours (a total of six hours). These are upon the condition that no more than two SMS messages are sent in one day and that all the other measures foreseen in the valid Decree are upheld. D. Attending religious services: 16. Are places of religious worship permitted to operate? The Divine Liturgy in sacred temples/religious places of worship is performed without the presence of congregants . It is clarified that congregants can go to religious places of worship for individual prayer, provided that they comply with the health protocols (distances, masks, maximum number of persons). It is clarified that the presence of congregants in the courtyard of temples/religious places of worship is prohibited .