Answers to frequently asked questions on measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic

*** It is understood that in the case of automotive dealerships only the operation of repair workshops is permitted. At the same time, car workshops and other related businesses as well as those providing technical inspection services of road transport vehicles (MOT) remain in operation. 23. Which businesses do not suspend their operation? Businesses which remain in operation, in compliance with the relevant health directives and protocols, are specified in the relevant list to be issued by the Ministry of Labour. 24. What applies to construction sites and other related businesses? Construction sites and other related businesses shall continue to operate in compliance with the health protocols. A list of the businesses still in operation will be published by the Ministry of Labour. 25. What applies to the operation of food and beverage retailers and the out-door farmers’ markets? The operation of retailers of food and beverages, such as supermarkets, mini- markets, fruit shops, bakeries, butcher shops, fishmongers, grocers is permitted. It is specified that the sale of retail trade products (e.g., clothing, shoes, cosmetics, electrical appliances, linen, toys, etc.) at the above food and beverage retail businesses is prohibited. Pharmacies, supermarkets, mini-markets, fruit shops, butcher shops, fishmongers and grocery stores, from the start of operation until 10 am, shall serve only people over the age of 65 and people with disabilities . Public markets operate at a capacity of 50 % . It is noted that the street vending of food (e.g. mobile canteens selling sandwiches, ice cream, vegetables, fruit, etc.) is allowed, provided that the vendors hold a valid permit from their relevant Municipal or Community Council and provided that customer service is carried out only through take-away, drive-through or delivery and without any tables and chairs available for sitting down on-site. The operation of public markets which sell clothes, linen and/or other products, as well as street vendors of that nature, is prohibited. Businesses in the supply chain remain in operation.